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We had planned a romantic weekend away to Honolulu In September . We booked two cheap
nights in a travel lodge to keep down the costs so we could have one lavish night in an executive
sweet at the Local Hotel right next to the beach we booked the romance package to include
champagne and a turndown treat. We had a fantastic weekend going out for meals, seeing the sights,
and a cruise along the river, until I desided to show the surprise for Maggie!


中寮鄉公所112年度慶祝父親節暨模範父親表揚活動 活動類型:模範父親節|父親節表
2023臺中市南區和平國小附設幼兒園迎新表演 活動類型:幼兒園迎新表演|魔術表演
2023台中鍋烤節100組萬元券抽獎直播魔術表演 活動類型:台中鍋烤節|魔術表演
2023台南大自然幼兒園成果發表暨畢業典禮 活動類型:幼兒園畢業典禮|魔術表演|