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It was the 15th November last year, my lovely Joshua woke me up at 3am and told me to get up pack! Very excited and still a bit sleepy I packed, packing clothes to go to the Antarctic and Barbados, not knowing where I was going!! We was chauffeured to the airport, avoiding all check in signs we managed to get to the gate for another passenger to say ‘Is this the flight to Bangkok?’. I was SO excited I burst out crying on the spot!!

yumi陪你辦活動 聖誕活動

活動類型:聖誕活動|活動紀錄|活動企劃|活動布置 日期:2023/12/2 想要
活動類型:|活動紀錄|活動企劃|活動布置 日期:2023/11/16 地點:微光
活動類型:開幕活動|活動紀錄|活動企劃|活動布置 日期:2023/12/20 地
活動類型:|證婚儀式|交換戒指|活動紀錄|活動企劃|活動布置 日期:2023/1