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It was last October and we’d decided to have a halloween party, just a small one as far as I was
concerned. But Jacob said we should invite my family as well as his family – having such a close
family I didn’t think anything of it. Then he kept saying we should get some costumes from a fancy
dress website, and get contacts and make a big thing out of it. We ended up spending the whole day
decorating the house with cobwebs, spiders, along with various light bulbs – flickering candles, r
ed bulb and UV light bulbs and making some amazing pumpkins.


2023臺中市梧棲新天地午宴 活動類型:婚禮主持|婚禮活動|活動紀錄|活動企劃|
中寮鄉公所112年度慶祝父親節暨模範父親表揚活動 活動類型:模範父親節|父親節表
2023臺中市南區和平國小附設幼兒園迎新表演 活動類型:幼兒園迎新表演|魔術表演
2023台中鍋烤節100組萬元券抽獎直播魔術表演 活動類型:台中鍋烤節|魔術表演